Ephesus “Huskies” Adventurer Club

Director: Oniki Jones
Email: jonesos@netzero.net

The Ephesus Adventurer Club program is available to children not quite old enough for Pathfinders. Any child in grades 1-4 (ages 6 to 9) who promises to abide by the Adventurer Pledge and Law can join the Ephesus Adventurer Club. At this age, the parent’s involvement with the child is encouraged.

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Where Children Can:
– Learn Christian Values
– Experience the joy of doing things well
– Express their love for Jesus naturally
– Learn good sportsmanship and people skills
– Discover their God-given abilities and use them to benefit self and others

Adventurer Song, Pledge and Law
Adventurers for Jesus. This our earnest prayer. Adventurers for Jesus, Home, at school, at play, and everywhere. We’ll tell the world of life in Jesus, He is all our song. There is all you need in Jesus, Won’t you come along?
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Adventurer Staff Members

Because Jesus loves me, I will always do my best.


Jesus can help me to be:

– Obedient
– Pure
– True
– Kind
– Respectful – Attentive
– Helpful
– Cheerful
– Thoughtful
– Reverent

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