We have a very diverse ministry program at Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church. There are children’s ministries, youth ministries, outreach programs, family ministries, and many more.
Often ministry is viewed as the responsibility of pastors, elders, and church officers. But the Bible is clear that each Christian has a unique, God-given role to play. In a healthy church, each member is actively involved in some form of service.
In order to help us serve effectively, God gives us one or more spiritual gifts. These gifts are areas of special ability that facilitate our ministry. They include gifts of teaching, leadership, exhortation, mercy and many others. Using our gifts to serve other people is an essential component of a meaningful relationship with Christ. He promised that giving of ourselves to love and serve would result in a deep sense of fulfillment and joy in our lives.
We invite you to visit our ministry pages and see what we have to offer. Please contact the church office if you are interested in being involved or starting a new ministry.
Click here for information on Light My Path Ministries.
LIGHT MY PATH MINISTRIES offers life-changing bible study, Tuesday fasting and prayer, seminars and conferences which provide training, mentoring, and leadership opportunities.
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