Prayer Request

Prayer request boxes have been placed at each entrance of the church.  Please feel free to place your prayer requests in them.

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  1. A says:

    I have suffered with epilepsy for 13 years and it has been controlled by medication. I have noticed that my seizures have been more frequent, I have also noticed that stress pays a factor.
    I need a job – not having one is stressing me.
    I have three children 30, 27 and 24. The two youngest are smoking weed and drinking. This is stressing me also.
    My eldest does not talk to me, he has children who I have never met and is estranged from the family – this is stressing me..

    My house is in complete disarray, and every time I ask my husband to take is car thing, tools, etc, he says he is going to do it but doesn’t. I am not able to invite friends in on a Sabbath.

    I have said to my husband that we are missing the blessings associated with hospitality and spreading the word. I love him dearly, but God sees and know that his lack of not making it a priority to get the house sorted is stressing me. I believe that

    I have compromised for a very long time – there comes a point when compromising because frustration – I am so tired.

    I need you prayers please.

  2. V.K. A says:

    Please pray for my friend Kurt P. He’s challenged with many daily tasks, working long stressful hours, tough life events, loss during recent California wildfires, health issues and fear of unknown. Years ago, You blessed him, his life turned around and today he needs another intervention.
    Bring him peace, guidance, and light his path to show him what to accomplish and to what to say no. Help him ease his daily schedule so he can have time for selfcare, family and close friends. Guide him to better opportunities while giving him strength through You. Amen

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