Adventist Youth Society



AYS is to initiate a rich relationship between God and young people at Ephesus SDA Church. It is imperative that young people are able to share trials and victories (real life situations) with others in a comfortable setting. The idea that problems and situations should be brought to God for divine counsel needs to be ingrained into every youth, young adult, and those of us who are just young at heart. The youth are to learn to trust that God will fix any situation,regardless of how complex the situation may be according to what is best for them. (John 14:13) By the young people communicating with God and with the support of the AYS team, they will be able to grow spiritually.
To sustain spiritual growth, one must share and help others who are seeking answers and solutions for their lives. Helping others comes in various forms. As the AYS department, it is our goal to shower love on all we come in contact with, provide mental and physical support and to provide opportunities to the young people to serve the church and the community. (Mark 10:42-46). The community should feel our presence as well as our close friends. To keep thelove of God (a precious treasure) to one’s self will be impossible. We must tell the story of our wonderful Savior who loved us so much that He died on the cross that we may have life and the opportunity to see Jesus face to face. (John 3:16)