Alabama Veterans for Christ

Mission Statement


The Principal objective of the Alabama Veterans for Christ is to support the pastoral leadership, all the doctrines of the church and participate in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The primary function of this organization is to instill the spirit of Jesus Christ in all of our activities that the organization undertakes.
We will preserve and honor the legacy of all U.S. veterans who served their country honorably.

We will provide Christian mentoring services to our young men and women.

We will provide avenues or paths of support toward Christian counseling.

We will assist in developing our youth toward responsible citizenry.

We will provide educational scholarships to the youth of our area.

We will be involved as a viable force in the community to promote activities that deter our youth from gang life, drugs, and sexual promiscuity.

We will encourage our members and each other to take an active role in the support of our youth by nurturing and advising them.

We will facilitate discussion among our youth and their parents as to the advantages and disadvantages of military service for Seventh Day Adventists.

We will have a visitation program for veterans that are sick and shut-in.

We will continue to seek and develop long term relationships with our veteran groups, agencies, and the community.

The Alabama Veterans for Christ takes pride in its mission, and is confident of its potential to reach out to our youth and the community, and join with all veterans who have sacrificed so much, and sponsor programs that will positively affect our youth, veterans, and spouses.

We will strive to be reliable, fair-minded, dependable, helpful, ambitious, enthusiastic, honest, forth right, and just in our treatment of others and always to humbly with our God.
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