For Your Health

Leader: Virginia Thomas

Ephesus SDA Church accepts its responsibility to make Christ known to the world and believes this includes a moral obligation to preserve human dignity by obtaining optimal levels of physical, mental, and spiritual health. In addition to ministering to those who are ill, this responsibility extends to the prevention of disease through effective health education and leadership in promoting abundant health.

“For Your Health” is your one stop source for healthful living. We hope our tips and useful links will help you be the best you can be physically, mentally and spiritually.


Obesity In Children
Obesity in children is on the increase. Being overweight is linked to conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Coping With Stress
Learning to cope with stress is one of the greatest challenges of life. People experience different ‘triggers’ that make them stressed. Recognizing these triggers is the first part of dealing with stress itself.

Indigestion is more common in middle-aged people, after eating heavy meals and is often worse at night. Regurgitation or reflux is painful although rarely dangerous.

Cancers for Black Women to Watch
Prevention and early detection are the key to lowering your chances of developing breast, colorectal, lung, and cervical cancers.

NAD Health Ministries
Providing resource support, leadership training, organizational development, representation, event planning and professional support to Adventist churches and members.

Healthy Weight Calculator – Do you know your healthy weight? Find out now!

Adventist Healthcare – Be well, take control, get answers and professional education.

Visit Dr. Agatha Thrash’s Patient Counseling Sheets at the Uchee Pines Institute for topic’s like: Cancer, the risk and the routine; Blood Pressure; Diet Disease and Behavior