Seasoned Saints

This year, the Seasoned Saintes Ministry of Ephesus SDA Church, Birmingham, AL was born out of a need to provide events for our older adults, the fastest growing segment of our congregation. More people are living active lifestyles into their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The wisdom of our senior members is a treasure trove to be valued. Our church seeks to value and affirm the worth of all individuals in all stages of life. Hence, the theme of our organization: “God calls us to value every age group in the church, from the youngest to the oldest.”
Our goal is to bring people to Christ and a closer relationship with God. To provide our senior members of Ephesus SDA Church with current information pertaining to everyday living, i.e. business transactions, medical benefits, and health information (spiritual, physical, and social) and to also expose members to Birmingham Metro Area, and out of town events, activities and sites of interests.
The main purposes of the Seasoned Saints Ministry are to:
1. Bring people into a relationship with Christ.
2. Minister to their physical, emotional and social needs.
3. Encourage and assist them in ministering to others.
Recently, Elder Willie Mae Whatley gave a stimulating speech at a Seasoned Saints regular meeting. Her subject was “Over 55! Exceedingly Blessed”, “Make Your Years Count, Don’t Count Your Years”.
An Adopt-A-Grandchild project is in the planning stages and promises to be an effective tool to minister to both the Seasoned Saints and our beloved children.
More projects are planed that will strengthen our ministry and keep us on course for being the eyes and ears, the hands and feet of Jesus on this earth.