Pastoral Staff

James Owens, Pastor
Pastor James G. Owens has been in ministry for nearly 25 years in the South-Central Conference of SDA.  He has pastored in several States in the Southern territory. He has preached abroad as well as the United States. Many souls have been won for Christ.
Pastor Owens is married to Natalie T. Owens. They have been married for 31 years and they have two children Lexis and Laiah Owens. 
Pastor Owens brings a wealth of experience to the Ephesus Church Family and is excited about taking the Church to another level in Jesus Christ.  Pastor Owens has dual degrees in Theology/Communications.  He also holds a Masters in Marriage Couple and Family Counseling (MCFC) from Walden University.  He serves on the Ordination Commitee of the South-Central Conference and recently served on the Bylaws Committee.  He also served on the Executive Committee of the Conference for several years.
Pastor Owens loves the Lord and loves people.  His goal is to help build the Kingdom of God and lift of Jesus before the people.  He believes in the soon coming of Christ.  His hope of salvation. 


Dr. Delsadie Callins
Leroy Abrahams
Clementine Collins
Tracy Cook
 Kee’ Laun Crum
Edna Gardner
Mark Hannah
Marvin Bryant
Benjamin Reevers, Sr.
Benjamin Sellers, Sr.
Willie Mae Whatley
First Elder
Leroy Abrahams

Elder Clementine H. Collins, R.N.

 Director, Light My Path Ministries, Inc

Elder Clementine began attending the Ephesus Church in 1979 when she received the invitation from her childhood school mate, Sybil Pollard Mason.

In 1980 Dr. Patrick Vincent baptized Clementine after she completed a bible study.

 Over the years Clementine has served in positions through various Ephesus departments including; Health and Temperance Leader, Sabbath School teacher, Deaconess, Ephesus Women’s Ministries Leader. She initiated and organized the Ephesus Puppet Ministry.

 Clementine has served on the Ephesus Elders board since 2017.

Inspired by God’s word in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 to “pray without ceasing”,

 Clementine believes that the Christians’ greatest weapons are Prayer and fasting.

For 8 ½ years She has served as the Founder and Director of Light My Path Ministries Teleconference Bible study and fast and Pray ministry. The purpose of the ministry is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Elder Clementine has served in South Central Conference Women’s Ministries for more than 39 years in various capacities, including Assistant to the Director.

 Her favorite scripture Joshua 24:15: is found throughout her home; “Choose you this day whom you will serve; but for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

 She has one adult son and two adult grandchildren. And God recently blessed her with a 16-month-old Great-Grandson, Lexington-David Collins, whom she Loves Dearly, four teeth & All!

She has many spiritual sons and daughters that are dear to her heart.

The things that bring joy to her life are serving God, making others happy, reading her bible and any inspirational literature, travel, and shopping during clearance sales.

Her philosophy of life is “Learn to laugh at yourself and don’t take yourself so seriously, because no one else does.” “Just Get Over It and Laugh.”

Tracy Cook
Kee’Laun Crum

Kee’Laun J. Crum was born on March 2nd 2001 to Mekeyia Crum in Birmingham Alabama. Kee’Laun confessed to Christ at a very early age. He is a faithful member of the Ephesus SDA Church in Birmingham Alabama where he serves as the youngest church Elder and the youngest church board member.  In July 2012, Kee’Laun received his first opportunity to preach in the South Park SDA Church under Pastor Albert Frazier. In 2015, under Dr. Compton Ross, he became an Elder. Kee’Laun went to Ephesus Academy and John Carroll High School  where he graduated High School. Kee’Laun currently attends Oakwood University where  he is studying to become  a Pastor. In his spare time, Kee’Laun loves to play golf, swim, cook and entertain social media with his collection of suits and their different colors. Kee’Laun was also elected to serve as the 2022-2023 Student Government President of Oakwood University. 

Kee’Laun’s motto is that “You pray for him, and he will pray for you and together we will all watch God change things”

Edna Gardner
Mark Hannah
Benjamin Reevers, Sr.
Benjamin Sellers, Sr.
Willie Mae Whatley
Tyrone Williams

Elder Tyrone Williams became a member of the Macedonia SDA Church in  Monroe, LA in 1990 after reading “The Biggest Hoax of All Times”. This is how he learned about the Sabbath and other Biblical truths. 

In 1994, Tyrone moved to Birmingham, AL and began attending the Ephesus SDA Church where he served 14 years as an Assistant Head Deacon and 4 years as Head Deacon. He is currently a teacher of the Adult Sabbath School Class and serves as an Elder. Tyrone loves praising the Lord and is a member of the Ephesus SDA Male Chorus. 

His love for Christ has led him to participate in all-night prayer services. He believes in giving to obtain whatever harvest God has in store for him. He is a living witness that you can’t beat God’s giving; no matter how you try.

Tyrone is married to his lovely wife of 27 years, Veronica Williams , and has 5 adult children, 7 grandchildren and 1 great-grand. 

His biggest belief is “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him and keep His commandments” (1 Corinthians 2:9).